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Define the thematics that you want to work on. You can list as much themes as you want.

Contact me to book an appointment.

The session takes place online : video call on Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram. Please, make sure that you have a good connexion.


You get comfortable in a calm atmosphere and we confirm the thematics.

I accompany you to enter in a hypnosis state. My voice, the music and the stories set the place. 

We take the time to debrief, if you feel like.


Allow a quiet time. You can feel like having a rest. The subconscious makes changes while sleeping.

Think about writing. This help  to evacuate.

Changes occur within 3 to 21 days after the session.

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Informations and price

Séance hypnose - Laura'conte


Duration : The session last between 45 minutes to 1 hour

Where : Video call via Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram


 Price per session : 85 euros

Paiement : Bank transfer

* Some health mutual reimburse hypnosis session. Ask yours.

Online session

All sessions are happening online.

Séance hypnose - client

Why offering online sessions ? What are the benefits ?

This allow you to choose a calm and familiar place, where you feel comfortable.

Online session are as effective. To immerse even more deeply into the stories, I invite you to wear an audio headset.

Do you have a question ?

I am at your disposal. If you have a question or want to book a session, you can contact me via the contact page or give me a call.